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Arthur Hafen
  • Political Candidate
  • Unspecified
  • Mayor, Henderson
  • 280 W. Fairway Rd. Henderson, NV 89015
  • 702-565-8046
Filed Reports for Arthur Hafen
Report NameYear OfficeReport Link
2014 Annual Financial Disclosure2014Mayor2014 Annual Financial Disclosure.htm
Municipal CE Report 52013Mayor, Henderson Municipal CE Report 5.htm
Municipal CE Report 42013Mayor, Henderson Municipal CE Report 4.htm
Municipal CE Report 32013Mayor, Henderson Municipal CE Report 3.htm
Municipal CE Report 22013Mayor, Henderson Municipal CE Report 2.htm
Municipal CE Report 12013Mayor, Henderson Municipal CE Report 1.htm
2013 Candidate Financial Disclosure2013Mayor2013 Candidate Financial Disclosure.htm
2013 Annual Financial Disclosure2013Mayor2013 Annual Financial Disclosure.htm
2013 Annual CE Filing2012Mayor, Henderson 2013 Annual CE Filing.htm
2012 Annual Financial Disclosure2012Mayor2012 Annual Financial Disclosure.htm
2012 Annual CE Filing2011Mayor, Henderson 2012 Annual CE Filing.htm
2011 Annual Financial Disclosure2010(Refer to Report)2011AnnualFinancialDisclosure.pdf
2010 Financial Disclosure Statement2010(Refer to Report)2010FinancialDisclosureStatement.pdf
Municipal Candidate Financial Disclosure2009(Refer to Report)MunicipalCandidateFinancialDisclosure.pdf
2009 Annual Financial Disclosure2008(Refer to Report)2009AnnualFinancialDisclosure.pdf
2008 Financial Disclosure2008(Refer to Report)2008FinancialDisclosure.pdf
2007 Financial Disclosure2007(Refer to Report)2007FinancialDisclosure.pdf
2007 Financial Disclosure2007(Refer to Report)2007FinancialDisclosure.pdf
2006 Financial Disclosure2006(Refer to Report)AnnualFinancialDisclosure.pdf
2005 Financial Disclosure Statement2005(Refer to Report)AnnualFinancialDisclosure.pdf
Voluntary Disclosure2004(Refer to Report)Voluntary C and E SupplementalDetail01.pdf