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Shirley A Breeden
  • Political Candidate
  • Democratic Party
  • State Senate, Clark District 5
  • 291 Kershner Ct Henderson, NV 89074
  • 702-456-6192
Filed Reports for Shirley A Breeden
Report NameYear OfficeReport Link
2014 Annual Financial Disclosure2014Nevada State Senator2014 Annual Financial Disclosure.htm
2014 Annual CE Filing2013State Senate, Clark District 5 2014 Annual CE Filing.htm
2013 Annual Financial Disclosure2013Nevada State Senator2013 Annual Financial Disclosure.htm
2013 Annual CE Filing2012State Senate, Clark District 5 2013 Annual CE Filing.htm
2012 Annual Financial Disclosure2012Nevada State Senator2012 Annual Financial Disclosure.htm
2012 Annual CE Filing2011State Senate, Clark District 5 2012 Annual CE Filing.htm
CE Report 32010(Refer to Report)CEReport3.pdf
2011 Annual Financial Disclosure2010(Refer to Report)2011AnnualFinancialDisclosure.pdf
2010 Financial Disclosure Statement2010(Refer to Report)2010FinancialDisclosureStatement.pdf
2010 Annual CE Filing2009State Senate, Clark District 5 2010 Annual CE Filing.htm
CE Report 12008(Refer to Report)CEReport1.pdf
2009 Annual Financial Disclosure2008(Refer to Report)2009AnnualFinancialDisclosure.pdf
2008 Candidate Financial Disclosure2008(Refer to Report)2008CandidateFinancialDisclosure.pdf