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Contributor DateAmountTypeRecipientReport
Bruce Cescheider4/12/2012$200.00Monetary ContributionMarsha Lee Berkbigler2012 CE Report 1 (Amended)
Bruce Gescheider4/23/2012$150.00Monetary ContributionScott Gordon Kelley2012 CE Report 1
Bruce Gescheider10/24/2011$100.00Monetary Contributionrandy kirner2012 Annual CE Filing
Bruce Gescheider5/2/2014$200.00Monetary ContributionDoug Rands2014 CE Report 1
Bruce Gescheider5/20/2014$200.00Monetary ContributionBen Kieckhefer2014 CE Report 2
Bruce Gescheider9/17/2012$200.00Monetary Contributionrandy kirner2012 CE Report 3
CHRISTIE A GESCHEIDER10/12/2012$200.00Monetary ContributionNeoma Jardon2012 CE Report 3
CHRISTIE A GESCHEIDER11/17/2009$250.00Monetary ContributionJohn Breternitz2010 Annual CE Filing
CHRISTIE A GESCHEIDER5/7/2012$250.00Monetary ContributionLisa Ruggerio2012 CE Report 1
CHRISTIE A GESCHEIDER5/27/2008$500.00Monetary ContributionJohn Breternitz2008 CE Report 1
Christie and Bruce Gescheider10/1/2012$200.00Monetary ContributionHillary Schieve2012 CE Report 3
Christie Gescheider8/22/2013$150.00Monetary ContributionBrian Sandoval2014 Annual CE Filing
GESCHEIDER10/24/2007$250.00Monetary ContributionJohn Breternitz2008 Annual CE Filing (Amended)
Geschider10/12/2011$200.00Monetary ContributionPat Hickey2012 Annual CE Filing
Moana Nursery7/9/2012$405.00Monetary ContributionAGCPAC2012 CE Report 3
Moana Nursery5/14/2012$500.00Monetary ContributionKathleen Marie Taylor2012 CE Report 1 (Amended)
MOANA NURSERY8/19/2010$540.00Monetary ContributionAGCPAC2010 CE Report 2
MOANA NURSERY6/15/2011$135.00Monetary ContributionAGCPAC2012 Annual CE Filing
MOANA NURSERY7/14/2011$135.00Monetary ContributionAGCPAC2012 Annual CE Filing
MOANA NURSERY5/28/2011$146.50Monetary ContributionThe Chamber PAC2012 Annual CE Filing
MOANA NURSERY10/24/2007$500.00Monetary ContributionJohn Breternitz2008 Annual CE Filing (Amended)
MOANA NURSERY6/19/2012$150.00Monetary ContributionThe Chamber PAC2012 CE Report 3
MOANA NURSERY8/15/2012$500.00Monetary ContributionThe Chamber PAC2012 CE Report 3
MOANA NURSERY8/19/2010$540.00Monetary ContributionAGCPAC2011 Annual CE Filing
MOANA NURSERY4/13/2010$154.00Monetary ContributionAGCPAC2011 Annual CE Filing
MOANA NURSERY6/19/2013$500.00Monetary ContributionCommittee to Protect Nevada Jobs2014 Annual CE Filing
MOANA NURSERY5/22/2013$151.50Monetary ContributionThe Chamber PAC2014 Annual CE Filing
MOANA NURSERY6/6/2008$500.00Monetary ContributionGlenn E Dawson2009 Annual CE Filing
MOANA NURSERY4/18/2012$160.00Monetary ContributionAGCPAC2012 CE Report 1
MOANA NURSERY4/13/2010$154.00Monetary ContributionAGCPAC2010 CE Report 1
MOANA NURSERY6/6/2008$500.00Monetary ContributionGlenn E Dawson2008 CE Report 1

* Effective January 1, 2012 all C&E reports and FDS are required to be filed electronically with the Secretary of State‚Äôs office and will be available through a searchable database.  Reports previously filed by paper (archived reports) prior to 2004 will not appear in the new searchable database but can be viewed and printed by clicking here.
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