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6/13/2008$500.00Monetary ContributionEd Goedhart2008 CE Report 1
6/17/2008$1,000.00Monetary ContributionKitty Katrina Jung2008 CE Report 1
6/17/2008$1,000.00Monetary ContributionKitty Katrina Jung2009 Annual CE Filing
7/31/2008$1,000.00Monetary ContributionAllison Herr2008 CE Report 1 (Amended)
10/21/2008$500.00Monetary ContributionWilliam Horne2008 CE Report 2
10/28/2008$500.00Monetary ContributionEd Goedhart2008 CE Report 3
11/26/2008$500.00Monetary ContributionJohn C Hambrick2008 CE Report 3
8/12/2009$500.00Monetary ContributionJohn C Hambrick2010 Annual CE Filing
8/28/2009$500.00Monetary ContributionWilliam Horne2010 Annual CE Filing (Amended)
9/1/2009$500.00Monetary ContributionKelvin Dale Atkinson2010 Annual CE Filing
10/8/2009$1,000.00Monetary ContributionAllison Copening2010 Annual CE Filing
2/11/2010$500.00Monetary ContributionKelvin Dale Atkinson2010 CE Report 1
4/20/2010$500.00Monetary ContributionWilliam Horne2010 CE Report 1
7/20/2010$1,000.00Monetary ContributionKelvin Dale Atkinson2010 CE Report 2
8/10/2010$1,000.00Monetary ContributionMarilyn K Kirkpatrick2010 CE Report 2 (Amended)
8/17/2010$500.00Monetary ContributionCresent L. Hardy2010 CE Report 2
8/17/2010$500.00Monetary ContributionCresent L. Hardy2011 Annual CE Filing (Amended)
9/9/2010$10,000.00Monetary ContributionNevadans for Qualified Judges (formerly SJR2 Committee)2010 CE Report 3 (Amended)
10/1/2010$650.00Monetary ContributionGloria J Sturman2010 CE Report 2
10/9/2010$500.00Monetary Contributionrandy kirner2010 CE Report 2
12/13/2010$1,000.00Monetary ContributionKelvin Dale Atkinson2010 CE Report 3
8/15/2011$1,000.00Monetary ContributionWilliam Horne2012 Annual CE Filing
8/31/2011$500.00Monetary ContributionDavid Humke2012 Annual CE Filing
9/28/2011$2,000.00Monetary ContributionSenate Republican Leadership Conference2012 Annual CE Filing
10/5/2011$1,000.00Monetary ContributionMarilyn K Kirkpatrick2012 Annual CE Filing (Amended)
10/27/2011$1,000.00Monetary ContributionKelvin Dale Atkinson2012 Annual CE Filing
10/27/2011$500.00Monetary Contributionrandy kirner2012 Annual CE Filing
11/10/2011$500.00Monetary ContributionTeresa Francisca Benitez-Thompson2012 Annual CE Filing
11/14/2011$500.00Monetary ContributionDavid Bobzien2012 Annual CE Filing (Amended)
12/8/2011$500.00Monetary ContributionMaggie Carlton2012 Annual CE Filing
12/9/2011$1,000.00Monetary ContributionRichard "Tick" Segerblom2012 Annual CE Filing
12/12/2011$500.00Monetary ContributionJason Frierson2012 Annual CE Filing
12/16/2011$1,500.00Monetary ContributionNevada Senate Democrats2012 Annual CE Filing (Amended)
1/17/2012$1,000.00Monetary ContributionWilliam Horne2012 CE Report 1
3/7/2012$2,500.00Monetary ContributionMarcus Conklin2012 CE Report 1
3/7/2012$1,000.00Monetary ContributionJoyce L Woodhouse2012 CE Report 1
3/8/2012$1,500.00Monetary ContributionKelvin Dale Atkinson2012 CE Report 1
3/15/2012$500.00Monetary ContributionJohn C Hambrick2012 CE Report 1
3/20/2012$2,500.00Monetary ContributionSenate Republican Leadership Conference2012 CE Report 1
3/21/2012$2,500.00Monetary ContributionNevada Senate Democrats2012 CE Report 1
3/24/2012$500.00Monetary ContributionJessica Sferrazza2013 Annual CE Filing
3/28/2012$500.00Monetary ContributionHillary Schieve2012 CE Report 1
4/5/2012$189.91In Kind ContributionAdam Cegavske2012 CE Report 1 (Amended)
4/19/2012$500.00Monetary ContributionApril Mastroluca2012 CE Report 1 (Amended)
4/30/2012$1,500.00Monetary ContributionMarilyn K Kirkpatrick2012 CE Report 1 (Amended)
5/7/2012$1,000.00Monetary ContributionAaron Darnell Ford2012 CE Report 1
5/10/2012$500.00Monetary ContributionAndy Eisen2012 CE Report 1
5/11/2012$500.00Monetary ContributionPeter Louis Livermore2012 CE Report 1 (Amended)
5/15/2012$500.00Monetary ContributionLynn Donald Stewart2012 CE Report 1
5/22/2012$500.00Monetary ContributionPaul Aizley2012 CE Report 2

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