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Outdoor Plus Digital Photo

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Expenditures Received by Outdoor Plus Digital Photo

10 expenditures found totaling $21,483.38.   Export results to:  Excel Excel  CSV CSV  PDF PDF
Date AmountTypePayerReport
4/9/2012$3,958.89Monetary ExpenseMichon Mackedon2012 CE Report 1
4/13/2012$2,100.64Monetary ExpenseNeoma Jardon2012 CE Report 1
4/15/2012$6,388.09Monetary ExpensePete Goicoechea2012 CE Report 1
5/25/2012$1,223.44Monetary ExpensePaul M Gordon2012 CE Report 2
5/30/2012$64.64Monetary ExpensePaul M Gordon2012 CE Report 2
6/13/2012$2,531.54Monetary ExpenseScott Freeman2012 CE Report 3
6/25/2012$1,562.01Monetary ExpenseScott Freeman2012 CE Report 3
7/2/2012$1,700.00Monetary ExpenseCliff Young2012 CE Report 3
7/31/2012$1,562.01Monetary ExpensePierre A Hascheff2012 CE Report 3
8/29/2012$392.12Monetary ExpenseSheila Leslie2012 CE Report 3

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