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Washoe County Registrar of Voters

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Expenditures Received by Washoe County Registrar of Voters

22 expenditures found totaling $6,507.68.   Export results to:  Excel Excel  CSV CSV  PDF PDF
Date AmountTypePayerReport
2/13/2006$356.85Monetary ExpenseDina Salvucci2006 CE Report 1
7/10/2009$2,427.89Monetary ExpenseAGCPAC2010 Annual CE Filing
8/28/2009$209.83Monetary ExpenseXiomara Rodriguez2010 Annual CE Filing
2/25/2010$260.45Monetary Expenserandy kirner2010 CE Report 1 (Amended)
3/1/2010$100.00Monetary ExpenseXiomara Rodriguez2010 CE Report 1
3/1/2010$100.00Monetary ExpenseTammi Davis2010 CE Report 1
3/5/2010$100.00Monetary ExpenseThomas Cornell2010 CE Report 1 (Amended)
3/5/2010$100.00Monetary ExpenseMonte Johnson2010 CE Report 1
3/11/2010$100.00Monetary ExpenseMichael S. Trudell2010 CE Report 1
2/24/2012$171.00Monetary ExpenseWendy Alderman2012 CE Report 1
3/8/2012$100.00Monetary ExpenseLauren Alex Scott2012 CE Report 1
7/10/2012$1,240.00Monetary ExpenseCal Dunlap2012 CE Report 3
1/6/2014$150.00Monetary ExpenseChuck Weller2014 CE Report 1
1/10/2014$111.65Monetary ExpenseBrooke Keast2014 CE Report 1 (Amended)
2/10/2014$20.00Monetary ExpenseJohn Wynn2014 CE Report 1 (Amended)
2/19/2014$172.54Monetary ExpenseJohn Wynn2014 CE Report 1 (Amended)
3/3/2014$100.00Monetary ExpenseMALACHY` HORAN2014 CE Report 1
3/3/2014$100.00Monetary ExpenseTammi Davis2014 CE Report 1
3/3/2014$30.00Monetary ExpenseJohn Wynn2014 CE Report 1 (Amended)
3/5/2014$100.00Monetary ExpenseFonda Crandall2014 CE Report 1
3/6/2014$427.47Monetary Expenserandy kirner2014 CE Report 1
3/11/2014$30.00Monetary ExpenseMegan R Lade2014 CE Report 1

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