Voter Registration Figures

December 2007
Name of OfficeDemocratGreen PartyIndependent American PartyLibertarian PartyNatural Law PartyNon-PartisanRepublicanOther (All Others)Total
CD 1 Clark113,6075878,3181,29725832,80175,981638233,487
CD 2 Clark8,8252986092213,6539,1486222,690
CD 3 Clark138,40367711,7441,75024750,175134,181851338,028
SUB TOTAL260,8351,29320,9223,13952686,629219,3101,551594,205

CD2 Remaining State105,7341,14911,2992,10922543,068149,3931,122314,099

Difference equals Precinct 9996 "No Fix Address" see pg.29 Clark Co. Report 1802002049089
Main Page Totals366,5872,44232,2235,248751129,717368,7522,673908,393

This report has been generated from Nevada’s statewide voter registration database. The transmission of registration information between the counties and the statewide database does not take place in real time.

Due to this turnaround time, the numbers reflected in this report may not exactly duplicate the registration numbers reflected in the county database at the precise moment such reports are generated.
“Active registration” status means a current registration of a voter in the official register, entitling such voter to voter in the manner provided pursuant to NRS 293.017.

“Inactive voter” means a voter designated as inactive pursuant to NRS 293.530 whose registration has not been cancelled.