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Information regarding the 2016 Stdent Mock Election will be available October 2016.

Students and educators throughout Nevada will be participating in the 2014 Nevada Student Mock Election. The theme for the 2014 student mock election is My Service, My Citizenship and Mock Election Day is Thursday, October 30, 2014.

Enroll your school, class, or group to participate in this year's student mock election! To find out more about participating in this year's activities, please review the 2014 Nevada Student Mock Election Guide or contact Catherine Lu with the Nevada Secretary of State.


The 2014 Nevada Student Mock Election has many resources available for educators to participate in this year's election. Click on the links below for available resources.

2014 Nevada Student Mock Election Guide

Highlights of the 2014 Program:
Appendix H - Initiatives and Referenda
Appendix I - None of These Candidates

Guide Appendices: 
Appendix A - "I Vote Because..." Poster
Appendix B-Electoral College and Nevada Reapportionment Information
Appendix C- Printable Student instructions for voting online
Appendix D-Lesson Ideas and YLI Lesson Instructions
Appendix E-The Electoral Process in Nevada
Appendix F-County Clerk/Registrar of Voters Contact Information (by County)
Appendix G-Student Election Officials Information

Sample Forms:
G.1: Voter Registration Application 
G.2: Voter List Spreadsheet 
G.3: Student Mock Election Pollbook 
G.4: Voter Registration Cards 
G.5: Absent Ballot Request




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