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Census workers will fan out over Nevada Saturday
Posted Date: 4/30/2010
Contact: Pam duPré
(775) 684-5748

Nevada Reaches 2010 Census Mail-In Goal, but the Count Isn’t Over Yet

(Carson City, NV – April 30, 2010) – Secretary Miller is reminding Nevadans that the 2010 Census count is not yet over. What was called the mail out-mail back phase is completed, but this weekend hundreds of census workers, called enumerators, will begin knocking on the doors of homes that did not respond. Most of the census workers are local citizens who have been hired temporarily by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Nevadans who receive mail at a post office box, who live in brand new housing developments, or are in a variety of other living situations did not receive a questionnaire in the mail. Those individuals will be counted when an enumerator comes to their door sometime in May or June.

“What we’re asking people now is to welcome the census taker when they come knocking, “Secretary Miller added. “Participating in the census in person will take only a few minutes. It’s so important that we continue the count until it is completely done.”

Secretary Miller and Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto issued a scam alert in February to advise Nevadans to watch for anyone who might take advantage of the census process to fraudulently access private information. Secretary Miller wants to reinforce that message now that enumerators are in the field and offers these tips for individuals who will be counted in person:

• Ask to see the census worker’s identification; they all will carry one.
• Rest assured that a U.S. Census Bureau worker will never ask for your social security number, or bank or credit card numbers.
• Don’t worry about your privacy; census workers take an oath of nondisclosure and are sworn for life to protect the confidentiality of the information. They are subject to stiff penalties for any violations.
• You do not need to invite the census worker into your home.
• Be patient; census workers will visit a home three times before leaving a door hanger
with a number to call to either schedule an appointment or be counted over the phone.

Secretary Miller also wants to thank all Nevadans who did receive and mail back their questionnaire during the first phase of the count. Because of their responsible action, the state has achieved the goal of matching its 2000 mail-in participation rate in 2010, despite the difficult challenges raised by the high number of homes vacant due to foreclosures and other factors.

“We can be very proud that we matched our participation rate of 10 years ago,” Secretary of State Ross Miller said. “Despite the difficult times faced by many Nevada families, most of us stood up to be counted knowing how important our participation is for our communities and our state. This is quite an achievement for Nevada.”

Nationwide, census workers will visit more than 47 million homes over the next two months. In Nevada, officials estimate the state will receive $917 every year for 10 years for each person counted. The federal government uses the census count to distribute more than $400 billion to state and local governments every year. The money is used for school lunch programs, family support programs, senior centers, job training, and new construction for projects from highways to hospitals.
For more information, the general public can call 1-866-872-6868 or visit