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Secretary of State Miller Releases November Voter Registration Numbers
Thousands of previously "inactive" voters turned out on Nov. 2
Posted Date: 12/3/2010
Contact: Pam duPré
(775) 684-5748

(Carson City, NV; December 3, 2010) – The total number of active voters in Nevada increased by more than 30,000 following the Nov. 2 General Election. The increase is due largely to the thousands of registered voters designated as “inactive” who turned out to vote on Nov. 2, thereby changing their status to “active.” Several thousand new voters also registered between the close of voter registration (for the 2010 general election) on Oct. 12 and Nov. 30.

At the same time, counties updated their rolls by removing tens of thousands of voters who had been listed as inactive prior to the 2008 general election and failed to vote in both 2008 and 2010. The number of total voters shrank by about 63,000 in Clark County alone due to the biennial update.

Statewide, the number of active voters increased by 32,441 from 1,119, 576 at the close of voter registration on Oct. 12 to 1,152,017 on Nov. 30. The number of inactive voters fell by 86,988 to 171,150. The number of total voters, active and inactive, fell by 54,500 to 1,323,261.

The “Inactive Voter” category includes any voter who was mailed a residency notice from the county clerk to which the voter did not respond, or who is listed in the U.S. Postal Service’s change of address database as having left the county. Voters listed as inactive are still eligible to vote. Once placed on inactive status, voters’ names may be removed from the list of total voters after they have failed to vote in two consecutive federal elections in that county.

The latest voter registration breakdown by county, party, age, and district can be found under the Election Center at