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Miller Says Latest Enforcement Action “Proves that our System Works”
Posted Date: 10/8/2008

(Carson City, NV; October 8, 2008) -- In response to inquiries regarding the scope of potential voter registration fraud in Nevada and the impact it may have on the upcoming election, Secretary of State Ross Miller issued the following statement stressing the safeguards in place to ensure an honest election.

“The investigation into potential registration fraud should not diminish Nevada voters’ confidence that only eligible voters will be able to cast ballots on November 4th. The investigation and information obtained in furtherance of executing the search warrant proves that our system works. We were able to detect potential voter registration fraud by relying on the existing safeguards in the system. We will continue to investigate any claims of election abuse and aggressively pursue them so that the public can be assured on November 5th that the election was fair and honest.

“In Nevada, we have stringent safeguards in place to protect the integrity of our elections, protecting our voter rosters against fraud while allowing every eligible voter to cast a ballot. I am absolutely confident that only registered, eligible voters will be able to cast a ballot on November 4th. Although we believe there may be some evidence of registration fraud occurring, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest this suspected fraud will result in fraud at the polls.

“The Office of the Secretary of State maintains the statewide voter registration database, named NevVoter. The system was developed with in-house resources to comply with HAVA requirements. The statewide voter registration system relies on information submitted by individual counties and generates a statewide voter file. The updates to the statewide voter file are submitted nightly where they are then compared against the records of varying agencies required under HAVA, including the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, Vital Statistics and the Social Security Administration.

“In Nevada, a voter may register to vote by appearing before the county clerk, a field registrar or voter registration agency, or registering to vote by mail. Pursuant to statute, before registering the potential voter, the individual is required to submit official identification as proof of residence and identity. Identification in Nevada includes such means as a Nevada driver’s license, utility bill, valid bank statement, paycheck, etc. This identification requirement may also be met by the provisions outlined in Nevada Revised Statute 293.2725 which addresses voters who registered to vote by mail and have not previously voted in an election for federal office in Nevada. Per that statute, the identification requirements do not apply if 1) the person registers to vote by mail and submits identification along with his registration, or 2) registers to vote by mail and submits with his application to register to vote a driver’s license number or at least the last four digits of his SSN if either our office or the local election official has matched that information with an existing identification record bearing the same number, name and date of birth as provided by the person in their application.

“Voter registration forms in Nevada contain a serial code and groups that receive 50 bulk forms or more are tracked using distribution plan forms. In this instance, 112,600 registration forms were provided to Acorn by the Clark County Elections Department and 2000 were provided to Acorn by our office.

“If an individual registers to vote by mail, the county clerks and registrars of voters verify the information provided on the registration form. Applicants whose forms list phony addresses, business addresses, or incorrect or incomplete information are sent a letter informing them to respond within 15 days to correct these records. Applicants who do not list a driver's license or Social Security number, or who provide a number that cannot be verified through our diligent checks, are flagged as ‘ID Required’ on the voter registration list and are required to bring identification to the polls to be allowed to vote.”