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Surpassing $100 Million Milestone Indicates Tremendous Potential of Nevada’s SilverFlume Business Portal
Increasing Use of by Nevada Counties and Cities Will Extend the Convenience and Savings to Nevada Businesses
Posted Date: 1/24/2014

Contact: Catherine Lu, Public Information Officer 
             (702) 486-6982 / 334-7953 

(Carson City, NV; January 24, 2014) – Nevada’s SilverFlume website today reached a major milestone, reporting that more than $100,000,000 in state revenue has been collected through the system since it began operating less than a year and a half ago.

“What’s particularly important about this is the savings to businesses and the increased efficiency of government, neither of which can be measured,” said Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller. “The convenience of the SilverFlume platform to small businesses is in the ability to use it as a one-stop shop for transactions with various government agencies. On the other side of those transactions, government agencies can operate more efficiently and effectively. “

Miller pointed out that the early success of SilverFlume ( indicates tremendous potential for even more savings and convenience for Nevada businesses. “As more government agencies become partners in SilverFlume, the availability will increase and the savings will grow,” he said. “When businesses interact with municipal or county government that aren’t using SilverFlume, they should encourage them to do so. The system is in place and there are no costs to the government entities that become SilverFlume partners. It’s a service all businesses in Nevada should have access to.”

Also accessible through SilverFlume is Nevada’s free Digital Operating Agreement (OA) software, the first such online product to be offered by a state government. The Digital OA demystifies the process of creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC), and makes it easy for entrepreneurs and small businesses to create and LLC. A process that might otherwise take days or weeks to complete, and require expensive outside expertise can now be completed quickly and easily. In just over 15 months of operation, more than 1,800 digital operating agreements have been created.

“The Digital OA software and the SilverFlume platform are designed to create the most supportive relationship possible between government and business by removing obstacles and creating new efficiencies,” said Miller.

A six-minute video explaining the use of Digital OAs, produced by Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Law and Society, focuses on Nevada’s use of the software and can be viewed at  

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