Initiatives & Referenda


Initiatives and referenda are processes that allow Nevada citizens to utilize a petition circulation process to propose new legislation, amend the Nevada Constitution or existing state statutes or approve or disapprove of existing laws. Initiatives are a device by which voters enact state or local laws. A referendum can only approve or disapprove a statute, resolution, or ordinance that was enacted by the State Legislature, Board of County Commissioners or City Council. They are both methods of involving voters directly in the legislative process of government.

This section includes information about the filing processes, filing dates, previous petitions, and a list of guides and resources. The process and timelines are different depending on the type of petition, and they must be strictly complied with in order for the petition to succeed.

SIGNATURES NEEDED: Statewide petitions filed in 2016 require 55,234 valid signatures from registered Nevada voters including at least 13,809 signatures from each of the four Petition Districts. (NRS 293.127563(2))