Recent Legislative Updates

Fiduciary Duty and Senior Designations

Nevada State Senate Bill 383 ("SB 383"), effective July 1, 2017, imposes a statutory fiduciary duty as set forth in Chapter 628A of the Nevada Revised Statutes on Broker-Dealers, Sales Representatives, Investment Advisers, and Representatives of Investment Advisers.  This bill can be found by accessing the following link:

NEW: See below link for Notice of Workshop to Solicit Comments on Proposed Regulations and Agenda for SB 383.


Nevada State Senate Bill 28 (“SB 28”), effective July 1, 2013, prohibits the unethical or dishonest practice in the securities business of utilizing certain “senior designation” certifications, as well as other unethical conduct. SB 28 also modifies the information that may be considered during licensing proceedings, and makes it a specific violation of Nevada securities laws to provide any materially false, fraudulent or fictitious statement during an investigation. For these and other changes to the Nevada Uniform Securities Act, see the complete copy of SB 28 as enrolled, at the following web address: