File with Living Will Lockbox

A person who wishes to register an advance directive must submit to the Lockbox, c/o the Secretary of State a completed and signed Registration Agreement, along with a copy of the advance directive. Do not send the original Advance Directive.

Submit the completed Registration Agreement form and the copy of the advance directive to:

The Living Will Lockbox
c/o Nevada Secretary of State
555 E. Washington Avenue, Suite 5200
Las Vegas, NV 89101
or via FAX to (775) 684-7177

Once the Registration Agreement form and copy of the advance directive is received, an electronic reproduction of the advance directive will be stored in the Lockbox. Within 10 business days of submittal, the registrant will be provided with a wallet card containing the registration number to be used for access to documents.

Once you have received your registration card, it is important to keep it with you so that it’s available in case of an emergency or illness. It is also wise to share your registration number with your family, friends or health care providers to ensure that your medical treatment decisions are honored.

NEVER include any personally-identifying information such as your Social Security Number, Driver’s License or Identification Card number or any type of account, credit card or other financially associated number on ANY of the information submitted for filing with the Living Will Lockbox. Such information, if discovered, will be redacted and/or documents returned without processing.

Registrants should immediately notify the Lockbox of any changes by using the Authorization to Change Form and providing the Lockbox with a copy of the new/changed documents if applicable.

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