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Action Type:  Dissolution
Document Number:  LLC6010-1998-003# of Pages:  1
File Date:  12/31/2001Effective Date:  
(1)PG. MXL
Action Type:  Annual List
Document Number:  LLC6010-1998-002# of Pages:  1
File Date:  11/1/2000Effective Date:  
List of Officers for 2000 to 2001
Action Type:  Annual List
Document Number:  LLC6010-1998-004# of Pages:  2
File Date:  10/20/1999Effective Date:  
(No notes for this action)
Action Type:  Articles of Organization
Document Number:  LLC6010-1998-001# of Pages:  2
File Date:  10/19/1998Effective Date:  
(No notes for this action)

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