Esmeralda County Commissioner, District I

Esmeralda County Commissioner, District I Nevada Revised Statute ("NRS") 293.403 provides that any defeated candidate may demand and receive a recount of the votes for the office the candidate sought. R.J. Gillum, candidate for Esmeralda County Commissioner, District I, requested a recount of the November 5, 2002 General Election results. This Commission District is composed of one voting precinct within the town of Goldfield, which was recounted by a recount board on Thursday, November 14th, 2002.

Esmeralda County Commission District I Candidates


R. J. Gillum

Dolores "Dee" Honeycutt

Voting Precinct Canvass
Goldfield #01 105 107 107 107
Under Votes 5 (originally)     3 (after recount)
+2 0

As indicated above, the recount completed on November 14th, 2002 ended in a tie race for both County Commission candidates. NRS 293.400(1)(c) provides "For any office of a county.which is wholly located within one county, the county clerk shall summon the candidates who have received the tie votes to appear before him at a time and place designated by him and determine the tie by lot." It was the determination of the Esmeralda County Clerk to ascertain the winner of the County Commission race by the drawing of cards. Amazingly, Gillum drew a Jack of Spades and Honeycutt drew a Jack of Diamonds. According to the County Clerk's rules outlined prior to the drawing of the cards, a spade defeats a diamond, resulting in R.J. Gillum as the declared winner of the County Commission, District I race,