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Secretary Cegavske Releases Details Regarding Ongoing Elections Investigation

Post Date:04/19/2017 4:04 PM

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As part of their duty to administer and oversee elections in Nevada, the Secretary of State’s office and local election officials perform various reviews to confirm the accuracy of each election and identify any activity that may have jeopardized the integrity of the election.  This process includes the evaluation of and, if necessary, investigation of information given to the Secretary of State’s office by the general public, election officials, governmental entities, and other sources.  When appropriate, information identified is referred for investigation of potential violations.  Most other states perform post-election reviews similar to Nevada.

In January, Secretary Cegavske issued a public statement indicating that she had “no evidence of voters illegally casting ballots at the most recent election in Nevada.”  At that time this office had charged two individuals with election-related crimes, one relating to voter registration, and one related to signature gathering for initiative petitions.  Both of the individuals charged have pleaded guilty to felony charges.

In March, the Secretary of State’s office obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) a list of just over 100 people statewide who:  (1) presented evidence of non-citizenship while obtaining services from the DMV; and (2) completed a voter registration application while at the DMV.  After determining that 21 individuals from that list voted, this information was given to investigators with the Secretary of State’s office.  Based upon the information obtained to date we have evidence that three non-citizens illegally registered and voted in Clark County in the last election.  Given the early stages of this investigation, it is inappropriate for us to comment further.  We anticipate we will have additional information about the investigation in the next few months.

Nevada participates in various interstate data-sharing programs regarding elections information, including the Electronic Information Registration Center (ERIC) and the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck (IVRC) program.  These programs help states identify individuals who are potentially registered to vote in more than one state, as well as deceased individuals who may still be on the voter rolls.  While they provide valuable information in our pre- and post-election efforts to maintain integrity, ERIC and IVRC are not designed to identify potential ineligible voters due to non-citizenship.

The Secretary of State will continue to work with the Governor’s office, DMV, and others in Nevada to ensure that all eligible voters in Nevada can participate in our elections, and that our election system has the upmost integrity.


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