Manage Your Business Resources pertaining to doing business in Nevada

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Business Search - Search for a Business entity by Name, Entity Number, NV Business ID, Officer Name or Registered Agent Name.  Note: this search includes Trademarks, Trade Names, Service Marks, Reserved Names & Business Licenses
  • Statutes and Regulations - Contains links to relevant statutes
  • Restricted Word List - Usage of certain words may be restricted for use in the name and/or purpose of an entity filed with the Secretary of State's office. This link contains the restricted word list and contact information to regulatory agencies for approval. 
  • Forged or Fraudulent Filing Complaints - This page contains information and forms related to filing and responding to complaints when forged or fraudulent filings are suspected.
  • Registration, Business License, and Registered Agent Compliance Reporting - This page contains information related to reporting those who may be conducting business in Nevada without proper registration and/or without maintaining a state business license, or who may have improperly claimed a business license exemption, or for reporting a registered agent who is allegedly noncompliant with NRS Chapter 77.
  • Registered Agents - Explains the difference between Commercial Registered Agents, Non-Commercial Registered Agents, and entities acting as their own Registered Agent. This page also provides links to all forms related to Registered Agents, including entities acting as their own registered agent.

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