Start A Business

Start a Business

Want to set up a Nevada business but don't know how?
Let the new business checklist guide you at at SilverFlume Nevada's Business Portal.

Start your Business with SilverFlume Nevada's Business Portal:

Please note: This is not legal advice. If you require assistance forming your entity, please seek professional or legal advice.

Be advised that effective August 6, 2011, Title 7 entities claiming a statutory exemption from the State Business License fee are required to attach a completed, notarized supplemental form to the initial or annual list: Declaration of Eligibility for State Business License Exemption . See questions and answers related to Exemptions from the State Business License.


If you did not find what you needed above, here is additional information:


Other services related to starting a business:

Business Search

 (check name availability - Note: Name availability can not be guaranteed until filing is approved.)

Name Reservation

  (Before reserving a name check the Restricted Word List)

Obtain a Nevada State Business License Only

- note: the Business License form is also found under each entity type above

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