Voting System Testing and Security

Separate Systems: Voting System vs. Voter Registration System

Nevada's voting system and voter registration system are two separate, completely different systems.

The voter registration system is a centralized statewide voter registration system maintained by the Office of the Secretary of State and Nevada's local election officials. The voter registration system provides information relating to registered voters throughout the State of Nevada and does not connect to or contain information used by the statewide voting system.  

The voting system is the equipment used to create ballots, cast and count votes, and display election results. Nevada's voting system is a "standalone system" that is not connected to a network, the Internet, and do not have wireless connection capabilities. Before any component can be used in Nevada's voting system, it must first go through a series of tests and audits. Additionally, each component maintains a chain of custody with tamper evident security seals and access limited to authorized personnel. The following documents describe these tests and procedures. Please refer to this narrative and diagram for an overview of Nevada's Voting System Testing and Security procedures.

Before a voting system can be examined for use in Nevada, a system must be tested to federal standards. For more information on the Federal Voting System Testing & Certification, please visit the U.S. Election Assistance Commission website at

Nevada Voting System Testing and Security Narrative
Nevada Voting System Testing and Security Diagram