2010 Petitions

Questions to Appear on the 2010 General Election Ballot

Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to provide for the appointment of Supreme Court justices and District Court judges by the Governor for their initial terms from lists of candidates nominated by the Commission on Judicial Selection, with subsequent retention of those justices and judges after independent performance evaluations and voter approval?

Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to allow for the establishment of an intermediate appellate court, that would have jurisdiction over appeals of certain civil and criminal cases arising from the district courts?

Shall the Sales and Use Tax Act of 1955 be amended to authorize the Legislature to amend or repeal any provision of this Act only if necessary to resolve a conflict with any federal law or interstate agreement for the administration, collection, or enforcement of sales and use taxes?

Shall Article 1, Section 22 of the Nevada Constitution be repealed and shall Article 1, Section 8 of the Nevada Constitution be amended to revise provisions relating to eminent domain proceedings?

Initiative Petitions to Amend Nevada Revised Statutes

Initiative Petitions to Amend the Nevada State Constitution

UPDATE: The deadline to return signed petitions was June 15, 2010.  No petitions were returned and therefore, no initiative petitions qualified for the 2010 General Election ballot.

2010 Withdrawn Initiative Petitions