Entity Actions for "REDKEY 12, LLC"

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Action Type:  Commercial Registered Agent Resignation
Document Number:  20110191526-38# of Pages:  8
File Date:  3/14/2011Effective Date:  
(No notes for this action)
Action Type:  Cancellation
Document Number:  20100768873-42# of Pages:  1
File Date:  10/12/2010Effective Date:  
(No notes for this action)
Action Type:  Annual List
Document Number:  20100084317-16# of Pages:  1
File Date:  1/28/2010Effective Date:  
Action Type:  Annual List
Document Number:  20090041754-72# of Pages:  1
File Date:  1/20/2009Effective Date:  
(No notes for this action)
Action Type:  Initial List
Document Number:  20080224266-22# of Pages:  1
File Date:  3/28/2008Effective Date:  
2008-2009 ILO
Action Type:  Application for Foreign Registration
Document Number:  20080134876-99# of Pages:  1
File Date:  2/25/2008Effective Date:  
(No notes for this action)

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